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Lise Kuecker has owned 4 multi seven-figure businesses across the U.S. and coaches entrepreneurs how to create consistently profitable businesses for themselves. Each one of her businesses became more successful than the one before, including her final business, which was at the brink of shutting down when she purchased it. Within one year it became the #1 profit generator in her little empire, thanks to her strategies to build recurring revenue with high profit margins, revamp its base operating expenses and create a stellar team. She sold her business for multiple 7 figures in 2016. Her mission is to transform other people’s businesses through a full calendar of clients, prices that have real profits behind them, packages that create recurring revenue, world-class client retention rates, and so much more. Are you ready to build your empire?
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Mar 21, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How Pilates Anytime has made my life easier

• The story of how Kristi got into Pilates many years ago

• Why she started online with YouTube and how she realized she was the right person to be making these videos

• The story of her first launch of 20 videos and why they resonated so much with other teachers

• The way Kristi found teachers before social media was popular

• A behind-the-scenes look at Pilates Anytime

• How developing technology is affecting the industry, the way Kristi has contributed to the legacy of Pilates, and so much more

LINKS:  (Jen Golden Zumann)  (Cara Reeser)

Mar 19, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How the money stories from our past are still with us today

• Some questions around money that you need to start asking yourself

• What are some of my earliest experiences with entrepreneurship and money

• Where to begin with rewriting your money stories

• The one realization around money that has set me free

• That like relationships with people, we need to boundaries around money as well


Mar 14, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Ways that Dan and I are different, but still able to work well together as a team in business

• The shifts that we’ve both made as we’ve gone on this journey together

• What matters as much (or more) as bringing in enough money

• A significant turning point in our business and relationship

• How we manage being business partners and a married couple at the same time

• What was the result of reading books that each had recommended


Book mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Mar 12, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Why we believe money is out of our reach

• The real reasons we feel greedy and what greedy really means • What are “I don’t have enough” excuses

• Change your mindset of having to do it all {and to see your worth}

• Why money is not over your head

• Whether or not money the root of all evil

Mar 7, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Finding modern meditation and mindfulness

• The different techniques Now Meditation has top offer and why

• The practice of gratitude

• Introducing group mediation at the corporate level

• Now Meditation and their long term vision for mind fitness


Mar 5, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How we are all uniquely different in the ways we see money

• The way I viewed money from a young age

• How the money stories I was telling myself affected my past business decisions

• Why there is really no scarcity in money

• Money does not cause conflict

Feb 28, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• What is Nia Yoga

• How to know when you are ready to host a retreat and where your participants will come from

• Tips on choosing a location and venue, along with possible red flags

• Advantages and disadvantages of doing retreats with other facilitators versus as a solo

• Finding a balance in your retreat itinerary

• Preparation time and theme importance

• How to create a sense of community between participants


Feb 26, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How Christina created a successful boutique within her studio

• The reasons and benefits for offering retail products within your studio

• Why you should make sure what you bring into your business aligns with you and your brand {and its core values}

• Strategies for facilitating the sense of community with brand specific merchandise

• What to considering in relation to the demographics and psychographics of your members

• The importance of managing your inventory, vendor relationships, and client interests


Feb 21, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How to make time to do the things that need to be done to move forward

• Ways to build the foundation for a good relationship

• The transition of memberships

• How to use delegation, teams and systems to avoid the burnout

• When you should be testing, pivoting and trying something different


Feb 19, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• A little bit about Erin and how she started her own business

• What can happen when you know your profit margins and total gross revenue

• Why understanding what services are the most profitable is necessary

• Your studio peak hours of profitability matters!

• Why you won’t want to expand until you’ve maxed your studio’s capacity

• How to create a profitable studio schedule


Feb 14, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How Nathania structures her email pitches to be featured in so many publications

• Why strategy plus luck, consistency and follow through will equal free advertising

• What it was like taking over a studio that held a lot of history and was owned by someone else for many years

• What were three sticking points that Nathania didn’t anticipate and how she was able to work through them

• How she now manages her time having two very busy and successful businesses


Feb 12, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Why the million dollar mark may not be the best metric to celebrate

• What studios with over 50% profit margin look like

• What are ancillary services and a powerful example of what we did for the studio owners we work with

• Why the number of clients shouldn’t be the main measure of success for your studio

• What clients really want…

• How to calculate the appropriate pay for your teachers, red flags to look for and a whole lot more!

Feb 7, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• The strategy behind successful Instagram marketing and Instagram “hot spots”

• How developing your voice will develop your brand

• The difference between paid and organic advertising on Instagram and Christy’s take on what the future might hold

• How and why you should utilize white space in your feed

• The difference between business versus personal Instagram accounts

• Why Christy has over 40 tests running at a time!


Feb 5, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• What’s really possible for your studio when it comes to revenue

• That hitting the 7-figure mark will look different for each studio

• How I calculate retention and conversion rates and why these number matter so much

• Case studies of clients we work with, including actual numbers

• An example of why the business model matters

• Strategies for employee compensation plans, pricing, profit margins and more

• A sneak peek of what’s coming up in the second part of this series

Jan 31, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• What nudged Heather to take the leap to open her own Yoga studio

• How she was able to take the feedback from others in the community and use that to fuel herself

• The ways she has learned to help her clients get in alignment with their own self-care - while still staying true to their beliefs

• Take a stand for the value of what you offer!

• What her views are on the expectations we put on ourselves and how she builds her tribe

• The secret behind teacher trainings


Jan 29, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• A recap on identifying a retreat versus an event

• What is the marketing cycle if planning an event {and why you should give your clients the opportunity to purchase the next one}

• What is an affiliate and the importance of having a strong affiliate network

• How to provide a content calendar to you affiliates

• Strategies for tracking your sales

• What is the marketing cycle if planning a retreat {and some tips and tricks when using video in it}

• And more!


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Jan 24, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Why there is a significant amount injuries happening in young dancers under the age of 14

• How trainers should approach young dancers wanting to also be trained in Pilates or yoga

• Why Lisa’s strategy entails teaching children to read their bodies and empower them to help heal themselves

• The progressions that have developed in the field over time and how important it is to keep up with your knowledge

• Why out of all the systems, the muscular system is usually the last to be worked on because 99% of the time muscle actually has nothing to do with it





Jan 22, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How to set yourself up for profits when planning a retreat or an event

• Tips to help you in the process of choosing the right venue

• How to handle lodging {and what are the various options available} • What to consider in terms of food, beverage and other additional services {and how to negotiate prices for them}

• The two biggest numbers you need to calculate for a successful retreat

• What is the difference between an event and a retreat

• How to calculate prices and add profits Get the Growth Book now!    

Jan 17, 2019

Things you will learn in this episode:

• How Jodh and Savitree met and built Urban Yoga Chicago in the most organic of ways

• Why they introduced kundalini yoga to the public

• The strategy they used in starting their teacher training without having a brick and mortar

• What challenges they went through that ultimately made them feel like they had to start over

• There are no rules when building your business

• Culture and community start from the top down

• What is intentional intake and how it changed Urban Yoga Chicago


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Jan 15, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• The biggest warning I have for you in this stage

• Stick to what your clients truly need and want in this stage • Why you need a day-to-day Operations Manager

• What activity you can do here that will grow your clientele quickly

• The downfall that can come with mass diversification

• Set your business up for sale - even though it’s not for sale!

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Jan 10, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Raquel’s amazing journey coming to the US to explore fitness and Barre entrepreneurship

• How the mindset and discipline needed to be a great dancer overlaps with being an effective instructor

• What happened for Raquel to be able to purchase her business and what moving from teacher to entrepreneur has looked like

• Why she knew she had to take part in The Client Cure and The Revenue Remedy, and what results she achieved from them

• 3 things that really make a promotion and an example of an epic sale Raquel recently did at her studio


Jan 8, 2019

Things you will earn in this episode:

• What your role needs to be in this stage and why you have to build just beyond yourself

• What I did to shift my focus in this stage to becoming a CEO

• How to investigate why things go well and why things don’t {and then build a system around it to propel you forward}

• What I looked for first when hiring someone

• How to build the most powerful type of marketing

• The differences between a sales manager, marketing and operations manager, and how you can afford to hire them

• The importance of niching down

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Jan 3, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How Hanna was able to identify a large gap in the fitness health industry and open her own studio WHILE working full time

• Why a mindset hang up had her thinking she couldn’t make her dream of being successful in the fitness world

• The biggest breakthrough that told Hanna she can make a long lasting business

• The most important lessons Hanna was able to take from “failure”

• How Hanna was able to navigate price increases with her clients • How systems and structures made the biggest difference in her business, from building a client journey to massively increasing her conversion rate

• Where Hanna wants to take Burn Theory now


Jan 1, 2019

In this episode you’ll learn:

• Why you need to define the difference between urgent and important when managing your tasks in this phase

• Why it is important to categorize your tasks using a matrix and identify areas that can be delegated

• The top two major parts of your business that people tend to leave off the matrix completely

• You need to build in consistent reoccurring revenue – with 90% of the products you sell doing this

• What are sales benchmarks and what you should be reaching for

• Content is king. What type of content should you be putting out there and how much?

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Dec 27, 2018

In this episode you’ll learn:

• How Alyssa’s side hustle developed into the successful practice it is today

• What is “Yoga Therapy”

• The difference between a Yoga therapist in a private setting versus one operating from a hospital

• How she made the shift into a bigger model • Why Alyssa wanted to create the “one-stop shop” idea •

Her tips and strategies when it comes to hiring the right way


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